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Mizuno Morelia Neo IV Japan (Safety Yellow / Fiery Coral / Safety Yellow)

Get the ultimate durable fit that’s so comfortable and lightweight, it feels like you’re barefoot. Has all the premium features you want including the external heel counter, high-quality K-Leather, and engineered fit last for a shoe that is truly worthy of the label‚ Made in Japan.

• Made in Japan
• Ultra-light boots weighing about 195 grams
• K-Leather
• BareFoot KNIT NEO (updated with a knit pattern that aims for even more of a barefoot feel around the boot opening)
• BareFoot Leather NEO (enhances the sense of grip by inserting a frame while keeping the barefoot feel of the upper midfoot area)
New laces eyelet structure (redesigned eyelet arrangement minimizes creasing when flexing and conforms better to the foot)
• Ultra-light outsole
• External counter outsole (nylon x TPU resin) 
• Updated outsole with a stiffer shank for enhanced stability
• Suitable for all surfaces (soil, artificial grass, and natural grass)
• Suede is used for the insole surface material for better grip

Mizuno Morelia Neo IV Japan

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