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- Negative Cut

- 3D Printed Backhand Featuring Polyanswer Impact Ink

- 4mm ULTRA CHARGE PRO Latex Palm 

- Touch Feel Tactile

- One Piece Backhand with Easy Entry Wrist Closure

- Wrap Over Wrap Under Thumb

- Colours – Neo Pink | Neo Blue | Brilliant White | Black



What Cut are These Gloves?

- An awesome Neg Cut Glove.  We have made the palm of our neg cut gloves slightly wider this season, tailoring in the rest of the glove, so you get the perfect neg cut streamlined fit and feel, with increased catching surface area.

- Internally stitched, with latex gussets attaching the palm to the backhand, more and more Pro Goalkeepers are now wearing Neg cut gloves.

Tell me about the Backhand?

- 3D Printed Polyanswer Impact Ink.  This creates the perfect combination of a light weight gloves, with structure when catching or punching.

- Polyanswer are market leaders in Impact Protection Technology, utilising this technology in Goalkeeper Products takes the game to the next Level

PolyAnswer Website

Touch Feel Technology Inside?

- The inside of the glove features the Touch Feel Grip System.  This technology creates a grip bed for your hands inside the glove, keeping them stable and secure when catching.  The Grip System moulds to your hands after a few uses creating the perfect comfort and stability for each hand shape.

What is The Wrist Strap Like?

- The one piece backhand extends all the way onto wrist. We have developed the wrist closure with a Speed Access Wrist Entry creating the perfect balance of it being easy to get the glove on and off and a secure feeling when on your hands.

What's the Latex Like?

- Its Amazing | Part of the Profi latex family, ULTRA CHARGE PRO is sealed under a protective film, locking in adhesion until you need it.  ULTRA CHARGE PRO is a 4mm latex with 3mm shock absorbing buffer.  It provides great grip, catching security and piece of mind for goalkeepers in even the worst weather conditions.

Please Note | Gloves with protective film on the palm are 20% tighter when trying on than when the protective film is removed.


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