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Product Details
- Xtension Cut
- 4mm Illuminate Neo aerTEK Latex Palm
- Synthlatec Backhand
- Lock On Kinetic Strap
- Wrap Over Thumb
- Colours – | Illuminate Neo | | Flash Silver| Anthracite Black| Brilliant White


  • What is Xtension Cut?

    - Hours in the gym, weeks on the training pitch, game day, full stretch, fingertip on the ball..... it goes in off the post.

    - Small margins make a big difference in our sport.

    - This was the inspiration for developing the Xtension Cut, a glove that provides that extra reach, that extra margin, that massive Game Changing Save.

    - We then developed the fit and feel with our Pro Keepers.  They put your hands in a catch ready position, with exceptional hand to ball latex coverage. 

    - Add this all together. Great Grip, Great Fit and Feel, Extra Reach ............ Game Changers ....TrustInYourHands

    What's the Latex Like?

    - aerTEK Latex is sealed under a protective film, locking in adhesion until you need it.  aerTek is a 4mm latex with 3mm shock absorbing buffer.  It provides great grip, catching security and piece of mind for goalkeepers in even the worst weather conditions.

    Please Note | Gloves with protective film on the palm are 20% tighter when trying on than when the protective film is removed.

    What is The Wrist Strap Like?

    - The Lock On Kinetic strap provides quick and secure closure, great fit and support.

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