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  • Roll Finger Cut
  • Azure Blue aerTEK 4mm all weather latex
  • HI>DRI anti bacterial finish
  • Personalization
  • Wrap over thumb
  • Classic strap closure with 3D rubber tag & 2 point lock
  • Elasticated wrist entry with HANG:AER loop
  • Azure Blue | Green | White | Black Accents



The ANNIHL8aer Roll Finger is part of the first colour pack this season. Roll finger with awesome aerTEK Azure Blue latex.



RE:Vision Fit provides maximum comfort and better wrist support


Better Fit = Better Performance


We analysed the Goalkeeper Glove market over a 2 year period and found several issues. Unimaginative design and cut styles not providing Goalkeepers with the support they required to perform at maximum level.


We know that small margins make a big difference to a Goalkeeper.  We strategically designed a glove that gives comfort, confidence in fit and better protection, no matter the glove model or cut style.


Please Note | Gloves with protective film on the palm are 20% tighter when trying on than when the protective film is removed.


What is a Roll Finger Glove?

  • The latex wraps (Rolls) round the fingers attaching directly to the backhand.  This gives the maximum possible ball to hand surface, which is important for grip. 
  • We see lots of goalkeepers wearing a Roll Finger Gloves and its the combination of support on the fingers and ball to hand contact that makes this cut so popular.


What's the Latex Like?

  • An Azure Blue aerTEK latex, sealed under a protective film locking in grip.  It likes wet weather just as much as dry. 


Anything else I should Know?

  • The backhand is 3mm Synthlatec It retains shape and is water repellent.
  • An ergonomically designed PunchZone aids traction and direction when punching.
  • The thumb wraps over from palm side creating more latex to ball contact.  
  • An elasticated wrist bandage ensures perfect closure, fit and comfort.
  • The gloves can be personalized just like the pros with your Name, Nickname or Initials.



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