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  • Removable ShokLock spines
  • Purple aerTEK 4mm all weather latex
  • Positive Cut
  • HI>DRI anti bacterial finish
  • Personalization
  • Wrap over thumb
  • Classic strap closure with 3D rubber tag & 2 point lock
  • Elasticated wrist entry with HANG:AER loop
  • Purple | Electric Blue | White | Black accents


  • ANNIHL8AER Shoklock Positive Cut

    Professional Quality Goalkeeper Gloves with removable finger protection spines.  This glove can be worn with spines, or they can be removed and worn as a conventional glove. Some Keepers even keep in 1 or 2 spines to create a unique, customized feel.


    RE:Vision Fit provides maximum comfort and better wrist support

    Better Fit = Better Performance

    We analysed the Goalkeeper Glove market over a 2 year period and found several issues. Unimaginative design and cut styles not providing Goalkeepers with the support they required to perform at maximum level.

    We know that small margins make a big difference to a Goalkeeper. We strategically designed a glove that gives comfort, confidence in fit and better protection, no matter the glove model or cut style.

    Please Note | Gloves with protective film on the palm are 20% tighter when trying on than when the protective film is removed.

    What is Kaliaaer Positive Cut?

    A pre curved catching surface, with reverse stitching on the backhand creates a super comfortable glove especially when combined with the Kaliaaer Shoklock Finger Protection System. 

    In testing, Goalkeepers reported back that they didn't even feel like they were wearing Spines until they needed them.

    What's the Latex Like?

    Purple 4mm AERTEK latex is sealed under a protective film, Peel the film off and you are left with a super tacky catching surface. 

    Anything else I should Know?

    - The backhand is 3mm Synthlatec It retains shape, provides added protection and is water repellent.

    - An ergonomically designed PunchZone aids traction and direction when punching.

    - The thumb wraps over from palm side creating more latex to ball contact.  

    - An elasticated wrist bandage ensures perfect closure, fit and comfort.

    - The gloves can be personalized just like the pros with your Name, Nickname or Initials.


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