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  • Negative Cut 4.3mm aerGRIP Latex 3mm Synthlatec Backhand
  • Durable and Waterproof HiDri Lining – Antibacterial and Breathable 
  • Elasticated Wrist Bandage Synthlatec Wrist Strap Personalization Compatible
  • Punchzone Wrap Over Thumb Colours – Neo Orange | Neo Yellow | Black Accents


The Solar Series 18 Limited Edition Collection features a newly developed 4.3mm aerGRIP Latex palm. This creates exceptional grip, catching security, and shock absorption in the toughest of conditions. With hydrodynamic properties, this latex is great for play on wet surfaces.


The backhand of this model is a 3mm waterproof synthlatec latex keeping the gloves lighter in adverse weather. An ergonomically designed PunchZone aids traction and direction when punching.


This model is a Negative Cut Glove, which means the palm latex is internally stitched creating a tighter, more streamlines fit. The thumb of the Solar Series 18 Limited Edition wraps over from palm to backhand creating more latex to ball contact, enhancing catching security.


The elasticated wrist bandage of the Solar Series 18 Limited Edition ensures perfect closure, fit and comfort.

KA Goalkeeping Solar 18 Negative Cut

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